Mural Installation Tulsa | 6 Steps to an Eye-catching Mural


Mural Installation Tulsa

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Where to Use Custom Mural Installation Tulsa?

You can use mural installation Tulsa in a range of locations. A few places to consider include:

Retail stores: A mural on the back wall can demonstrate your product’s different usage, which gives your shop uniqueness.

Hotels: Show a map of the area around the lobby that highlights great areas that your guests might like to visit.

Restaurants: Tell your restaurant’s story with a creative graph that shows how you grew up. Show it on your wall back.

Event venues: Brand your firm during an event with an amazing mural that shows your consumers what you can do.

How to Install Your Wall Mural Tulsa?

You might install your own new mural wall. Turn your interior decoration into fun and save money simultaneously. It’s easy than you guess!

Congratulations! You decided to install wallpaper on the wall of your family room. You absolutely cannot wait to completely transform the space’s aesthetic, and who’d fault you?

Knowing that you desire a desert scenario full of cactus, mountains, and a gorgeous cloudy sky, you choose an Organs Pipe State Park photo mural, indeed a great decision.

A living area is an excellent place for your mural installation Tulsa. The wall you choose is most easily noticed as you enter the room. And it doesn’t have any electric outlets on it even better. After buying the brick wall, you wonder now about the expense of professional installation. Would you restore all funds, right? Excellent. Therefore, invite a companion, roll up his sleeves, or reserve a Friday or Long weekend. You may even keep players going while the wall is being installed! Like hanging conventional wallpaper, it is not difficult to install your mural.

  1. Before you begin your project

Ensure that wallpaper panels are unrolling and inspected. Make sure that all pieces are in good shape. Please do not wing it to attain the best outcomes. Instead, consult the More decor instructions, and maintain this article on hand for quick reference.

  1. Before hanging

Make sure the wall is neat as well as plain for the family room. If there are any, fix any gaps and dents in the wall. Wash the wall to eliminate dirt and dust with mild, soapy water. Then rinse on such a sponge and cloth with cool, clean water. Let the walls air dry before starting.

  1. Determined the except place

You now have to determine the exact position of the wall at which you start to hold the first panel of the mural wall. You can draw a normal chalk line with a plumb bob.

  1. Select the first panel. 

The lower left panel should be this component. Roll the board down on a flat, clean surface with the printed side. They were then forming a thin, even wallpaper coat across the whole back.

Then rotate the panel inside out carefully and leave the item alone for a few minutes. This helps avoid curling when you apply it to the walls themselves.

  1. Apply the wallpaper

A few minutes later, you’ll be able to apply a background panel to the designated location. You’ll want to align the panel’s left edge with the plumb bob’s chalk line. You’ll want to unroll this while keeping it aligned carefully.

  1. Finishing 

Use a moist sponge or finished brush once in place and gently push the air pockets under the panel. To eliminate air pockets without damaging the mural wall image, use soft, sweeping motions. Press firmly on the outside borders to ensure the board adheres to the wall.


The next panel that chooses will be the one next to the first. You will note that for each panel, there is a little amount of overlap. This helps you to align the wall panels quickly.

Now just repeat the upward technique with each adjacent wall panel. If the whole picture is mounted, carefully clean the entire wall with a moist towel or sponge.

This assists in adhering to the wallpaper uniformly. It also aids in removing the surplus paste that drops out.

After all the paste from the printed surface of a Mural, Tulsa has been rinsed, it must now be allowed to air completely dry. Once cured, inspect all seams and make sure that they are properly glued down. Use some extra paste to cover any loose edges if necessary.

Is There a Limit to Mural Installation Sizes? 

Murals naturally provide themselves with a lasting impact on a marketing statement. In this respect, consider that wall graphics could be made to almost any size and complexity you want. What size wall graphics you can commission depends mostly on the area you use and creative imagination — the specialists at More Decor will help you decide all about your mural wall.

Throughout the early stages of your mural installation TulsaMore Décor professionals will work with you and take note of the following information:

  • Wall dimensions
  • Color and lighting considerations
  • Image and text ideas
  • Type of wall surface (e.g. rough, smooth, metal, glass, brick)

Keeping your Wall Mural Pristine

Regular maintenance will ensure that any custom mural retains its vibrant colors, clear lines, or text for the coming years. Use a lint-free cloth to clean dust and dirt from the mural every couple of months.

Dampen your cloth to clean with mild soap and water for light stains and avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as bleach or oil-based products.

Start only at the top of a wall; go smoothly and evenly down its surface. Avoid water or soap between the seams of any panel. Fully dry the wall with such a fresh cloth or sponge.

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