11 Reasons to get Organic Bamboo Shades.

Shades are a necessity for every building with windows in it. Some use metallic shades while some use synthetic materials. a unique type of shade we will discuss here is bamboo shades. These shades are made from natural bamboo, making them organic bamboo shades. While these are not that popular, there is a lot of potential in them in the form of amazing benefits.

So, if you also want to enjoy those benefits, you need to have them installed at your place. Here we will be discussing some reasons to get the bamboo shades.

  1. These shades blend in with every interior design.

One of the biggest things people focus on when getting shades for their place in interior design. The bamboo shades blend in with almost every interior design, to your surprise. You only need to get the right shade and type to match your interior.

Even when there is a difference between the color tones, you can match them by choosing the right shade combinations. Bamboo shades are a perfect choice for every house and office.

  1. These never go out of fashion.

Trends come and go. Sometimes the metallic shades are trending, while sometimes people like to go with the synthetic ones made with:

  • Plastic and similar materials
  • Metals
  • Glass

However, the thing about bamboo shades is that they are never out of fashion.

Their natural look and the vintage feels make them a part of your home, no matter what type of interior design is done. It is one of the biggest reasons these are always in fashion.

  1. You get the level of privacy that you want.

Different types of shades have different issues. The combination of privacy, light-filtering, and air pass-through is still an issue you must face with different shade types. Going for bamboo shades will never put you through any of these issues. It is because you can roll them to get the desired levels of privacy.

Additionally, the bamboo shades will never pack your windows airtight like some other shades, so there will be some air and light passing through that you can control using different layers at the back. It means that these shades bring full control to you.

  1. Organic bamboo shades are better for the environment.

Tons of waste goes to landfills which is causing a lot of pollution. When we talk about bamboo shades, there is no such concept. It is because they are made from natural bamboo wood. It is very easy to decompose for nature. Similarly, the process does not need a lot of resources for making or decomposing them. In this way, these shades are better for the planet.

  1. Automation is possible with these shades.

If you think these shades are outdated, you are most probably wrong. You can easily install any latest machinery that is compatible with these shades. So, whether you only want to make them motorized or make them a part of your smart home, it is very easily possible.

  1. Bamboo shades bring customizations more than any other shade option

You can get the same bamboo shade, and you will get a lot of customization options. First of all, there is a wide variety of options available. Bamboo naturally occurs in different tones, and you can select one of them. Secondly, bamboo shades allow you to get any customization work done on them. In this way, you can make them right for your interior.

So, if these shades feel boring to you, get them right according to your desire.

  1. Bamboo shades are durable and long-lasting.

The shades made with plastic last only a few years because sunlight makes them go bad. The metallic shades lose their shine, and some get rust on them, which means replacement is necessary. However, none of these is an issue when you have bamboo shades at your home. Being natural protects them from rust and corrosion against sun exposure.

Investing in bamboo shades means that you will use them at least for 5 to 10 years. It is impressive considering how less you are spending and how much value you are getting for your money.

  1. You will not need a lot of maintenance for these shades

Install organic bamboo shades at your place, and you will be living your life worry-free. It is because these are not demanding at all. You do not need to worry about keeping the paint right to protect them from rust. There is no need to oil the base to stop the weird sound of metallic shades.

You only need to be careful that the shades are not abused, and you will be good to go. There is no maintenance needed for your bamboo shades apart from a dusting.

  1. Very easy to clean

Cleaning your bamboo shades is as easy as it gets. You can use your regular cleaning cloth, duster, brush, or vacuum cleaner to get the excess dust from the shade. If you think that you can easily remove and reinstall them, you can give them a quick rinse which will be even better. However, be sure that you let them dry before installing them back.

  1. Bamboo shades are easily available and are very affordable

Unlike usual trees that take around 10 to 20 years to grow, bamboo takes only about 5 years. It increases the supply of raw materials for bamboo products. With more supply, bamboo shades are easily available, and they are very affordable.

  1. Bamboo shades have a unique feel.

The last reason to have organic bamboo shades at your place is the unique feel. These are not found everywhere, so your place will look unique from the interior design aspect. Get your bamboo shades today if you also want to make your interior look unique.


Something that will serve the same purpose as any random shade at your place holds more value than you think. We hope that now you are aware of why selecting organic bamboo shades will be one of your best decisions. So, whether you are making a new home or want an update for your old one, consider the bamboo shades for all the amazing benefits they offer.