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Comprehensive guide on Roller Shade Installation 

Roller shade installation and interiors from the Arts & Crafts era frequently used vintage roller shades. They were (and still are!) a cheap way to offer shade and privacy. When the room wasn’t in use, the shades were drawn to shield the wood and textiles from the light and to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

The energy-saving benefits of window treatments are frequently overlooked, but if you prefer the appearance of uncluttered windows and occasionally need some shade, utilizing subtle, inside-mounted roller shades is a great option. If a west or south window isn’t covered and there is a lot of direct sunshine pouring in, shades can shield your curtains, provide you more shade while you sleep, and improve the insulation of the window. A beautiful and useful product in keeping with the Arts & Crafts style.

Roller Shades are now offered in a variety of opacities and bigger maximum widths for all of your extra-wide windows thanks to updated, new, trendy fabrics. Additionally, a new, simple-to-install fabric-wrapped flat valance provides a chic, modern choice, making it simpler than ever to synchronize a sleek, contemporary design throughout your entire house.

Try customized roller shades for a clean, streamlined appearance at the window for a custom yet classic appeal. For a fully unique style, consider choosing from a wide range of top and bottom treatments, such as fabric valances, fascias, and cassettes, as well as a comprehensive variety of custom-woven textiles in varying opacities, from sheer to opaque. Choose from a variety of tried-and-true lifting techniques, including automation, child-safe alternatives, and manual control, to improve the aesthetics of your roller shades.

Product Features

Roller Shades come in a wide range of fabrics, hues, and opacities and provide a contemporary style at the window. Add a decorative valance, top treatment, or specially made curtain panels to elevate the appearance.With cordless lift systems available, including.




Our Modern Roller Shades are always the most cutting-edge and stunning roller shades available thanks to their sleek lines and inventive yet simple operation. They are adored for their beauty, durability, and luxury design, and they look just as stunning in a modern, minimalist setting as they would in a traditional, conventional one with curtain panels.


The newest Designer Roller Shades are another double combination of the space thick layer just on shade and a light-filtering sheer.

Huge Pattern Choice select the optimal level of sophistication of lighting for your room, choose from over 400 materials, ranging from sheer to opaque. 

Personalize the roller shades using any preferred top treatment, which hides the cloth roller providing just a neat appearance. Additionally,  provide a range of bottom decorations, with alternatives that are fabric-wrapped. 


Stylishly Display That On-Trend Elegance

A roller shade’s simplistic, contemporary appearance makes it the ideal design choice about any decorating style that demands for straightforward yet fashionable design now at windows. Our exclusive Style Studio Shades are the perfect canvas on which to display the distinctive fabric selections


Designs: Although a backward rolling is still an alternative, a regular roll is the norm.

Light Control – There are two opacities of cloth available for roller shades: opaque and semi-opaque. For opacity alternatives, Important to review the particular fabrics.

Complete the Hue can choose between a minor or major rectangular cartridge for the headrail. A lace or untied bottom fence is another option.


1. Accurately measure the window’s length and breadth to the nearest eighth inch. Here is some measuring advice.

2. Select your resource. If you want a valance or drapes with your shades, I’d advise getting a fabric sample packet; roller shade samples alone are free. Please take note that material is already included in the price for roller shades only.

3. Choose whether you want your shades to fold up in the front or the back. Shades typically have a back roll to create a little gap between them and any drapes. You might want a front roll if you only use sunglasses. Depending on whether you plan to add curtains or a valance, you might want to select a back rolling

4. An optional yet enjoyable addition: Browse the stencils to find a stencil  and check out the specifics of the designs as well as the many applications. Look at this design color card and put together any home design scheme that appeals to you.

5. Although traditional crochet pulls are offered, you might like something unique. If you want your roller shade to have an antique look, give the bottom edge some contour and finish it with a row of gimp. The hues of fringe are restricted.



Blinds and shades are available in a wide variety of attractive fabrics and textures that can be matched with most sliding panels and can be used alone or with complimentary custom window treatments. Additionally, roller shades from Budget Blinds of Broken Arrow and Central Tulsa provide the UV protection you need for your furnishings without obstructing your view of the outside.


One of the top window treatment shops in Tulsa is Oklahoma Shutters. The team members are experts in customizing plantation shades and blinds for customers. For the convenience of their clients, they provide free in-home estimates and gratis design options. A full line of blinds, shades, verticals, and other window treatments are available for installation through the business. Tulsa and its environs are served by Oklahoma Shutters.


One of the well-known stores for installing shades in Tulsa, Oklahoma is Contract Drapery & Blind, Inc. They offer a large selection of Roller Shades. Additionally, they provide their customers with top-notch craftsmanship and knowledge. Numerous projects that they installed in the commercial sector. Additionally, the staff works hard to deliver professional roller shade installation at fair pricing.

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