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Get roller shades Tulsa today. I used to live in a hostel during my graduation. The room was reasonable with a window on the roadside. I never bothered about the window treatment because of my low budget and because of the sunlight and outside view which I often enjoyed with a cup of tea. The view of the room was not so pleasant from outside and it became more bizarre at night. Eventually, I realized this fact and looked for something for my window. I hang up on roller shades because of their stunning features. 

So if you are looking for something for your windows just like me, or you are considering Roller shades as your option for window treatment, this post is just for you. Read on and I will tell you everything you need to know about roller shades.

What is a Roller Shade?

Let us start from the very beginning. A roller shade is a rectangular form of material that hangs between two brackets. A wooden dowel or metal tube is attached to the upper edge of the shade. The shade disappears into a wooden dowel or metal tube when pulled up.  A cord or a chain pulley system is used to pull the shade up and down.

These shades are available in different sizes and materials. Because of their plentiful colors and designs, they can go with any indoor decor. Because of their availability in different sizes they can be used for the window of any size.

Light control of Roller Shades

Roller shades Tulsa are available in different materials and fabrics from transparent to opaque. Some shades will let the light in while others will block out completely. You can control the light by choosing the right shades for your windows. I like the sunlight entering the rooms so I have transparent roller shades for all my windows of a home in Tulsa Oklahoma. I still sit in my TV lounge, watch my favorite show sitting in sunlight, and appreciate my decision of sheer roller shades. You must know that shades that allow sunlight also allow visibility from outside. 

You have to consider your privacy options before deciding which shades you want. I have installed double roller shades on the windows of my bedroom. One is transparent, for the sunlight to enter the room; and the other is opaque to protect my privacy whenever I need it. You can have double shades for your windows or you can have a completely opaque fabric if privacy is one of your priorities.

Cleaning of Roller Shades

Cleaning depends upon the quantity of dust in the air. Curtains require cleaning from three to four times a year while roller shades Tulsa require cleaning only once a year. Roller shades are also comparatively easy to clean. You roll them out on the floor after removing them from their brackets and clean them with a soft cloth and mild solution. That’s it, Cleaning is done. 

Shades are brand new and good to be hanged again. Curtains, on the other hand, need to be washed or dry-cleaned and pressed before going to the window. Roller shades Tulsa require more care and less time and effort when it comes to cleaning them.

Setting up Roller Shades

You can set up roller window shades according to your needs and taste. They can be hung from the ceiling, hung between window frames, or set up in front of the window frames. Hanging shades from the ceiling is rare but still a wonderful option to consider if you want to go for a unique view. It is good to have roller shades installed between the window frames when you have spent good money to decorate the window frames. 

This setting allows frames to display their beauty. But you must know that setting shades in this way allows light to leak from sides. Roller shades can also be set up in front of the window frames. This setting is good if you are looking for privacy and have no interest in the display of window frames. 

Interior decorations and type of room play a significant role in setting up roller shades. Leaving sides for light and installing shades between the window frames works best for the kitchen but not for the bedroom. Decide wisely.

Are Roller Shades the best option for a Window Treatment?

“Best is the enemy of good”, said Michael Alexander. There are many other good options for your window treatment but roller shades Tulsa come with a feature that no other option possesses. They roll into a tube or dowel attached with them. When they are rolled up you can have the full frame of your window in front of you. Roman shades, curtains, shutters, or any other window treatment do not offer this luxury. 

When they are rolled down they become a part of the interior, thanks to their visual consistency and plentiful colors to choose from. These are the only shades available for your windows that can be on your window without being visible. Roll up and they disappear, roll down and they become part of the interior. This feature makes them the ideal choice for much architecture.

Roller Shades Tulsa

There are also a few drawbacks to these wonderful shades. These shades are less elegant and formal than curtains. These shades often come with a cord which is not good in a home with children. Children might harm themselves or the shades as the cord is within their reach.

Despite their nominal drawback, roller shades Tulsa are among the best options for window treatment. If you need to know anything else, offers you the assistance of professionals for your also offers the best roller shades at the most competitive prices in Tulsa Oklahoma.


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