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Roman shades Tulsa draw their name from the civilization of ancient Rome when people used to hang fabric on their windows to keep the dust out. Modern times and technology have brought a revolution in the material, design, and utility of these ever trending shades. You heard it right. Roman shades are ever-trending. These shades are still unmatched when it comes to the elegance and decency of interior decors. But it is important to know when or where to use these rather formal-looking shades. 

Maybe you have already made up your mind and you are about to install Roman Shades on your windows. That’s great and I appreciate you for choosing these artistic shades with a touch of antiquity. But you must make the right choice from countless options of roman shades which vary drastically in terms of design, purpose, and material of which they are made. I will help you in making the right choice. I will elaborate on what is best for you in terms of Fabric, Lining, control, and setting up of Roman shades Tulsa. Read on and you will know everything which you need to know about choosing roman shades for your window treatment.


The fabric is the most important element which you need to examine when going for Roman shades. Fabric will decide the translucency of the shade. Hence it ranges from strongly transparent to opaque. You are focusing on visibility from outside and the amount of sunlight you can allow to enter your space when choosing the fabric. The light fabric is also relatively easy to operate and you also have to consider how the fabric will appear when retracted. Light or medium-weight fabric is a good choice. Heavily embroidered fabric will be rigid and will not look good when folded.

You can test the fabric for the appearance of the folded shade. You just fold the sample and see whether it lies flat or not. If the fabric shows creases or shows rigidness, it is just the stuff you have to avoid.


A lining is a secondary fabric that is sewn to the backside of the face material of the shade. Nor all roman shades Tulsa are lined neither they need to be. Most designers will suggest a face material without a lining and having a light appearance. But lining sure does give your shade a more luxurious look. You can also choose the different colors for your face material and lining to create a new ravishing combination.

Besides a more elegant look, the lining also hides an unnecessary lifting cord behind the shade. You also get to control the amount of sunlight entering the room with the material of the lining. Lining fabric is available in transparent as well as completely blackout options. The completely opaque lining does not allow any sunlight and visibility into the room. The bedroom is its ideal place because it provides complete privacy. All other places can go with transparent lining, preferably made of cotton.


Roman shades generally come with three types of controls; motorized shades, loop systems, or a cord. They all seem pretty…uh…unattractive. But what to do, they are necessary.

Motorized shades provide ultimate convenience and luxury. You can operate your roman shades with the press of a button. You will also be able to operate your shades with your android device if you have installed motors on them.

But remember, this is no cheap solution.


Motorized shades are the most expensive solution for your window treatment. You will have to pay for batteries and motors and provide every shade with electrical wiring. Unless you have built your space keeping in mind the motorized shades, you will need some major renovation. You will need three bags full. One for the motors, one for the renovation, and one for the…well…you can keep the third one. If you can spend, these motorized roman shades are worth your money.

A continuous loop consists of a chain that is used to raise and lower all lift strings. It is the most commonly used manual control system for roman shades. It is super easy to use and tends to be more durable and consistent. Get Roman shades Tulsa today.

Cord offers a more traditional look. All lift strings are combined into one cord which is used to operate the shades. This control system is the most vulnerable to malfunctions. If any one lift string is jammed, your shade will not fold smoothly because all lifting strings are combined. Cord control also is not good in the house where children can reach the cord.


The placement of roman shades is also an important thing to consider. These shades can be installed in between the window frames or outside the window frames. Sometimes there is not enough space and shades cannot be set up in between the frames. This makes things simple and the decision is sort of pre-made.

But if space is available and the decision is up to you…well… it is not up to you. It is up to the frames of your window. If you have spent a considerable amount of money to make your frames exceptional and pompous, there is no wisdom in hiding them behind a shade. You set up the shade between window frames and let the frames reveal their glory to the eye of the beholder. But if the frames are unattractive, you better install shades covering the frames and make them disappear behind the Roman shades Tulsa.

Roman Shades Tulsa

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