Shades Installation Jenks | 3 Reasons to Install Now


Shades installation Jenks  

More décor design provides shade installation Jenks with a team of ambitious, creative, and innovative professionals who love to provide satisfactory customer service. We do not believe in repeating the design ideas to all our customers, but we bring different and unique designs. Every customer wants something new to add to his room or office that nobody other has like this. 

More décor design company, by understanding the emotional contact of the customers with their place, grabs the designs of curtains, shades, and wallcovering. 

More décor design has spent more than a decade providing quality services and materials to the people of Tulsa. After the successful running of our products and services, we are moving to other towns like Jenks. 

Shades installation services we provide:

Anxiously waiting for the unveiling of our specialties for the people of Jenks? We are about to disclose the secrete of our products and services to make you easy. More décor design brings you wonderful offers great Shades installation Jenks services. So, here is the description of the services and products of more decor design that you were waiting for. 

  1. Vertical shades installation

We provide aesthetic products and wonderful services. As we are dealing with various shades, including the color, designs, and layout, you can enjoy any of them at your residential or commercial place. Vertical shades installation is one of those services you can hire in Jenks. Our vertical shades installation range is quite sophisticated and elegant. 

We offer special discount offers if the customers are availing of our services and product. The professionals for the vertical shades installation have skills, creative ideas, and tools to bring you timely installation. Moreover, we will catch you soon, after your call to book our services. It is one of the best Shades installation Jenks services you will get.

  1. Horizontal shades installation  

Vertical shades are quite easy to handle as compared to horizontal shades. We look at the type of your room and the need for shades on your room’s windows. After that, the professionals of more décor design decide what your room should have, whether the vertical shades or horizontal. We have a collection of both horizontal and vertical shades with elegant designs.

 You just need to provide the theme you want to have in your living room or office room, and we will do it accordingly. So, you can choose the shades from our collection, but as you are not a professional, you would not be able to join the theme. So, if you leave it to us to choose the shades, you will get more creativity around you. 

  1. Roller shades installation 

We also offer exclusive services of roller shades installation. The vinyl roller shades, wooden highlights, and fabrics are available with eye-catching designs. These roller shades can have moveable bands to allow or disallow the passage of air and sunlight. The installation of these roller shades is tricky enough. By developing the strategy, our professionals perfectly install it on the windows of your room. 

  1. Cellular shades installation

The cellular shade is the most energy-efficient and convenient weather design in the roller shades. Cellular shades do have small pore-like structures giving them a honeycomb-like shape. These small cells allow the insulation between your room and window. Moreover, they are turned off when there is harsh sunlight outside the room. 

These cellular shades ensure keep the cooling inside the room by insulating it through its honeycomb-like structure. We are also providing this product with exclusive services for its installation. So, you are welcome to visit our website or store to grab your favorite one and get it installed by our professionals. 

These are some of our top Shades installation Jenks services you can get.

Our working methodology for shade installation 

We would like to share our working style with you to win your trust and confidence. Here are a few steps that our professionals follow for shade installation. 

Take measurements of the windows from inside and outside. 

By keeping the order of things, we chose first thing first. Without measurements, it is not possible to even choose the shade. So, first, we take measurements of the window where you want to install the shades.

 The measurements are not as simple as you think. We measure the windows from the outer side and inner side as well to bring proper understanding while installation. So, the measurements of the windows allow us to choose the right size of the shades and then their proper installation. 

Grab a shade or curtain of a similar size 

Then we choose the shades of matching heights and widths. After measurements, choosing an elegant piece from the window shades is our second task. However, we keep the size of the window area in writing and grab the exact side for the vertical and horizontal shades. In the case of roller shades, the sizes must be greater than the real heights and widths of the shades. 

Prepare brackets making holes inside upward the window

After this, we prepare brackets for the window area. We do have our professional tools to add brackets in the window. Moreover, on the upper inside of the window, with the help of the driller, we make a hole. After this, we fix the brackets with screws to hold the shades. 

Clip the shades in brackets 

After this, we perfectly clip the shades in brackets to hang. Here, you need to keep the angle right on the left and right sides. 

We follow a very professional method while providing our Shades installation Jenks services.

Things that you need to consider when getting shades installation services 

When looking for services for shade installation, you should consider the following tips. 

Look for the professionals. 

You should look for professionals. The professionals might charge you a little higher, but they provide you with perfect services. 

Ask the blind installing professionals to show their expertise 

You should ask the person claiming himself a professional to show you his professional experiences. He must have pictures of his previous work. 

Look at their creative thoughts by asking some questions 

You should ask some relevant questions to decide whether you are choosing the right person for the installation of shades or not.  

More décor design is willing to catch you and provide the best services to enhance the décor taste of your place. More décor design will provide you with aesthetic shades and wallcovering with exclusive services offered.

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