Somfy Motorized Shades | 4 Reasons you need Motorized Shades


Somfy Motorized Shades are available in sheer weave, light-filtering, and blackout fabrics, with manual options including cordless, corded.

Somfy Motors for Motorized Shades

Do you plan to install motor-powered windows on your windows and doors to raise the home decor value? Intelligent automated window solutions bless every home design. They are convenient for all homeowners because they are aesthetically beautiful and offer various functional benefits for an intelligent, comfortable living.

Don’t get out of sleep to close the curtains whenever the sunlight is at the top, or don’t let your couch open your blinds to appreciate the lovely exterior situation that helps to create stunning vibrations throughout space. These sorts of blinds are great when the windows are tough to reach and difficult to operate. 

But technology facilitates and simplifies everything, and you may access it efficiently with a TV remote or smartphone. Wondering how this is possible? All of these things are conceivable if you use some power and outfit them with an intelligent motor. Brilliant shades are provided with a large assortment of motors inside the pipe. The range of engine brand systems includes –

  • 110 V AC engines
  • 24 V DC Motors
  • Battery engines Motion
  • Lutron engines


Each brand has its own advantages and characteristics. All these engines function together and provide the same outcomes but now with a few slight changes. If you have not yet chosen which engine to purchase, we recommend selecting Somfy Motors for your motorized shades. 

You might know what makes it unique and different from other engine systems and why you select somfy over the other one. We have highlighted the finest sides of the somfy motors to provide you with the perfect solution that works best for you, which explains why they would be the best option in intelligent blinds.

Why Choose Somfy Motors For Motorized Shades?

Many can find it somewhat challenging to make the investment decision in engines. Either a motorized blind, shade or draperies or awnings, no matter what type of windows solution you have, you undoubtedly love the operational and management effectiveness of a somfy motor. Check the details below to help them attain market popularity.

  1. Quality

Somfy is a leading brand for motorized shades. This business offers several wireless and non-wireless motors that are pretty efficient when you constantly lift up your blinds. No other engine brand can equal the lifespan, durability and craftiness of sleek motors. You may be sure of its quality with over 30 years of experience in the industry and more than 100 million motors sold. 

These engines are revolutionary, suitable with almost all window coverage and very user-friendly comparing to others. They offer a five years warranty, whereas other engine manufacturers provide warranty coverage on the product.

  1. Control Options

Somfy motor lets your blinds function utilizing a broad range of small selections. From the handheld Telis 16 RTS to the RTS wireless wall, you could use RTS as you choose. Integrating current technology with this engine will also enable you to access your shades via a smartphone.

  1. Noise

Noise is among the essential aspects to choose a motorized shade. After evaluating all the engines on the market, it was shown that somfy engines are quieter than other engines and generate little noise while working.

  1. Price

The price is also a significant concern if you wish to adorn your entire home decor with clever blinds and shades. Thus, somfy engines have a significant advantage in cost because they are inexpensive and will not break your budget. The affordability is just what distinguishes somfy.

  1. Installation

The advice on motorized shades mounting somfy engines is not that tough. It’s like your cover plug and play. Easy to accomplish, and the installation fees can be saved too.

Somfy Motorized Shades Programming Guide

“Why you love it: at the push of a click, your bedroom can be complete with light and full of darkness, or partly exhibited at the world and owing to the Somfy Motorized Shades  – business the ability or lower your window shade is a luxury is they you do not want to be with you once you’ve done it. Roller spring blinds shade installs easily, features a battery that only chargers four or five times a year, and I’ll work for you with remote control (it can also be compatible with Alex). 

From your couch or the office chair, I may assume you can shake up your shadow in the lights and enjoy your view, reduce it for dark or privacy, or put your shades in every hour of custom.

To the convenience as that the spring blinds choosers are to black in nearly two the colors and the windows as thin as 16 inches and as large as 118 inches.

It is very much of a problem when you exhibit the installation procedures to be more fully complemented with electric flashlights. You need to pay the wine to the windowpane then pop your shade in position. These battery motor blinds can be charged to include a cord, as well as the engine is quiet or reliable.

4 Reasons to Motorize Your Shades

Table or smartphone to monitor your indoor blinds through remote control.

Our new collection of motors gives you acoustic performance when to open and close will not disturb you!

Your motor shadows will admit you into the external conditions. Thus, you will help to make your energy cost more efficient and efficient.

Choosing motor shades is a new way of life! Choosing motorized shades! Play with natural daylight and create your unique moods and enjoy your sleep! Play with natural light!

Are Somfy motors suitable?

The Somfy powered intelligent blind experience is often a good experience. Furthermore, the blinds themselves – well, the engine at least – are of excellent quality, with a significant movement and a wide range of remote-controlled operating possibilities.

More Decor provides the entire Somfy Motors product assortment for automating all your Motorized Shades indoors and outdoors. Quickly raise and lower shades with one press of a button. Complete Somfy Home Packages are offered.

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