Tradewinds Natural Shades 

Window shades are functional and stylish addition to your home. They provide an excellent means to regulate natural lighting, add some privacy, and transform your home by adding style and elegance to your home interior decor. Transforming your room into a relaxation haven. Thus with natural colors of window shades containing asymmetrical textures. Furthermore, with sustainable and renewable materials such as reeds, grass, jute, and bamboo is made possible.

Tradewinds Natural Shades are naturally unique and attractive in design. Thus, they are made from natural fabrics of bamboo, silt bamboo. Bamboo reeds, or jute, and hand-woven tightly to make an aesthetic design. Thus, that is naturally appealing and comforting. With Tradewinds Natural Shades, “quality is an expected and natural fit”. Furthermore, its distinctive asymmetrical patterns of natural fabrics are one of the reasons why Tradewinds Natural Shades are naturally appealing.  Hence, they are cost-effective and nature-friendly.


Commonly known as bamboo shades or woven wood, Tradewinds Natural Shades are window treatments that are crafted or manufactured from various natural materials like bamboo, reeds, grasses, and rattans. With a calming and relaxing effect, Tradewinds Natural Shades blends with various decorating styles ranging from casual to sophisticated and contemporary decors. Whatever your fashion taste is, you will appreciate how Tradewinds Natural Window Shades blends and befits your home decor.

Tradewinds Natural Shades comes in Old Roman or Standard Roman Style. The Standard Roman Style consists of a 6-inch window valance that has a wide range of trim and decorative options available as an upgrade. Old Roman Style Tradewinds Natural Shades gives you a good look with no cords and window valance hidden at the back of the window shade. Thus, this creates attention and effect on the bamboo and various natural materials used in the manufacturing of the window shades.


  • Fabric Edge Bands: The 2.5-inch fabric edge band design produces an effect on the frame for the window shade and balance at the bottom, right, and left hem.
  • Privacy Liner: Tradewinds Natural Shade’s Privacy Liner is available in all fabrics and it improves privacy and creates a natural roadside appearance.
  • Standard Cord Lift System: The Standard Cord Lift System consists of a cord lock that securely holds the cord in position.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cord: The Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cord enables you to easily lower the window shade from the top or lift the shade from the bottom to keep your privacy or control a view while allowing the entrance of natural light.


  • 6-inch and 9-inch Valances: The 6-inch and 9-inch valances are simple but complicated. The 6-inch valance is a standard for Tradewinds Natural Shades consisting of standard cord controllers. The 9-inch valance is a standard for Shades that have continual loo controls. For Shades with a standard cord controller, the 9-inch valance is optional. The 9-inch valance is appropriate for shades with a longer length. Which helps to hide the stack of the window shade when raised.
  • Duoline Valance: The 11-inch Duoline valance has two folds with a pure tailored-made look. Thus that are soft and suitable for wider and larger windows. Please note that when the option of fabric edge banding. Moreover, it is adopted for a shade. Moreover, edge banding is not applicable to Duoline valance.
  • Deco-Finish Trim: Choose from various styles of valance and from a 9-inch valance, cut 2 inches in depth. The fringe chosen is attached to the cut at the back and front.
  • Sensation Valance: This option is 9 inches high with a pinned hem and a 2.5-inch equally spaced tones of fabric.


  • Cut Outs: Cut-Outs enable you to have your specially designed window shades to suit architectural features. However, they accommodate window tiles or cranks, heat registers, and Air Conditioners.
  • Corner or Bay Windows: Specify dovetailed corners to adjoin two Shades in a bay or corner window.
  • Angled Shade with Angled Windows: Make a choice between a straight base and an angled top or an angled top. Thus alongside an angle base valance. Moreover, this is available only in 6 and 9 inches styles of Standard valance.
  • Multiple Blinds or Shades on a Headrail: 2 or 3 independently operated blinds. Or shades can be mounted on a headrail for an appealing look. This is ideal and suitable for patio doors or large windows.


Moreover, these shades have the following features that makes it naturally unique and appealing by design.

  • Various designs and selections: This comes with fresh, tender color palette, with metallic accents and attractive pops of colors in the fabric.
  • Professionally engineered cordless control system: This provides flawless and smooth functionality
  • Natural drapes with window panel Accents: This creates a modern and sophisticated appearance for patio doors and wide windows.
  • Carefully handcrafted and tested: Each natural fabric of Tradewinds Natural Shades is thoroughly handwoven.


  • Great Natural Light Control: Its tightly woven natural materials and lightweight. Furthermore they offer gentle and great light control and restriction for a window/natural shade.
  • Durable: Edge banding sewn on it prevents stretching and makes it more durable and long-lasting. 
  • Improve Privacy: its room-darkening line helps to improve privacy and control of natural light in your room.


Moreover, Tradewinds Natural Shades are naturally made from jute. Bamboo, and renewable grasses. They are naturally unique and appealing by design. Tradewinds Natural Shades’ handcrafted fabrics provide a warm and richly textured finishing to your room. Thus, Natural Shades are a sophisticated means of bringing nature to your very beautiful home. Contact us and order your Tradewinds Natural Shades now.