Venetian Shades Tulsa | 6 Benefits of Venetian Shades


Venetian Shades Tulsa

Blinds and shades are the two most commonly confused window treatments, and people often interchange them without knowing. When we talk about their practicality, there are some significant differences to be careful about. So, if you are going to get Venetian shades Tulsa for your home, it is important to know how these are different from blinds and which one is a better choice.

Stick with us, as here we will discuss everything you need to know about the differences between Venetian shades and blinds.

The difference between Venetian shades and blinds

The most basic difference between Venetian shades and blinds is that the Venetian shades are made as one sheet of soft and thick fabrics. On the other hand, the blinds are made with slats that you can tilt to open and close the blinds, which also move up/down or left/right. It was the technical difference between the Venetian shades and blinds, while the basic requirement was the same.

What are the key differences between Venetian shades and blinds everyone needs to consider?

Now that you know the technical difference, let’s move toward the practical difference between Venetian shades Tulsa and blinds. So, listed below are the key differences between these two that can affect your overall experience.

  1. The amount of light that gets in

The first difference between Venetian shades Tulsa and blinds is the amount of light that gets in and the privacy options. Both offer this feature, but both offer it differently. As shades are made with one solid fabric sheet, they can only be in an open or closed position. Some also let you partially open them.

On the other hand, things are much better with blinds as the slats can be tilted open or close, and you can also move all the slats in different directions. Blinds can also let light and air in a while, offering you privacy when tilting them at the right angle. So, the light, air, and privacy options are much better with blinds.

  1. The overall durability of the window coverings

Regarding durability, Venetian shades Tulsa cannot be trusted in places with higher traffic as there are always higher chances of these getting snagged by people passing by. The blinds make a better choice here as well as these are usually made with materials like:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • PVC

So the durability factor is much better, and there will be no issue even if someone snags past them.

  1. Cleaning is an important factor.

The next factor is cleanliness, as dirty window treatments are never attractive. In terms of cleaning, Venetian shades can be easily cleaned with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a steam cleaner on shades as these are fabric and will face no issue with moisture.

On the other hand, you need to be a little delicate with the blinds. Blinds can only be cleaned carefully with a sponge or a brush. So, Venetian shades Tulsa make a better choice here. In terms of deep cleaning, it is always better to get professionals to provide their services.

  1. Insulation from the external temperatures

Insulation is an important factor to look for when buying window treatments. Window treatment with effective insulation will help keep your home comfortable during all seasons. The energy bills for heating and cooling systems will also be less.

The blinds here do not offer good insulation compared to Venetian shades in Tulsa. These shades often come with air pockets between fabrics which act as insulation.

  1. Styling differences

You must consider style and one of the many features of window treatments to make your interior look better. Here blinds seem a little outdated because of their classic feel and look. On the other hand, you can style things how you want to decorate your place’s interior.

For the best decoration, you can stay classic with blinds for formal places while styling things the way you want for comfy places like the living room and your bedroom.

  1. Safety of your child

Child and pet safety is also important as the little ones will always try to mess with these window coverings. Blinds come with cords hanging all the time that help you tilt and move them. So, these are not that safe for homes with kids and pets.

On the other hand, there are no cords with different types of Venetian shades. With no cords that kids and pets can mess around with, Venetian shades offer a much safer experience.

  1. Installation experience

If you are a DIYer, installation experience will also matter to you. Remember that the bracket and installation process is overall the same, and the most important part is installing the bracket. However, the blinds can require a little more work to install after installing the brackets than the Venetian shades.

Most Venetian shades come with a straightforward installation experience, while with the blinds, you have to calibrate them perfectly for the tilting and closing features.

  1. Customization options

Venetian Shades make a plus point when it comes to customizations. These are available as fabric sheets that you can customize according to your requirements. Apart from the looks, Venetian shades also offer customization with cordless options and motorized options, allowing you to add some smart features. These are not a choice with most blinds as their mechanism is a bit complex. Blinds also do not allow for many visual customizations as these are to be made with precut slats.

  1. Pricing

The last difference is the price; here, you will get a lot of variation. Depending on your style, requirements, size, and other additional factors, along with the quality of the material, the price can differ. In some cases, the blinds will be expensive, while in other cases, the Venetian shades will be more expensive.


If you were also confused about selecting one from Venetian shades Tulsa and blinds, then we hope that deciding will be much easy for you now. You can see which of these makes a better choice with all the differences stated clearly. No matter which one of these you select, check all your requirements because otherwise, you may not get the best experience.

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