Vertical Blinds Tulsa | 7 Benefits of Choosing Vertical Blinds


Do you want some change with your windows and blinds at your home?

So, you have decided to change your old vertical blinds into vertical blinds for your windows. But do you know enough about vertical blinds Tulsa?

If you think that vertical blinds are the same as ordinary horizontal blinds, then you are wrong. But don’t worry because this comprehensive article is going to end up your confusion completely. So, without wasting any time, let’s go:

What are Vertical Blinds?

If you don’t know vertical blinds, vertical blinds Tulsa will do the same work as other blinds do. They will block everything that can come from your windows into your homes, like Sunlight and cold wind.

Vertical blinds are different from other blinds because simple horizontal blinds are mostly used for relatively smaller windows. In contrast, vertical blinds are used to cover more space. But at the same time, vertical blinds look like curtains from a distance. So, if you are tired of curtains, then you must not go for vertical blinds.

What kind of Fabric is used for Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds Tulsa can be made of any material, but mostly they are made with polyester fabric. Polyester fabric is used for this purpose because it is stronger than other fabric materials like cotton and silk. In addition, the polyester fabric does not get broken down so easily.

Polyester is an artificial material that is like a mixture of different fabrics. Its production makes sure that the fabric used must be strong, like canvas, denim, and ottoman fabric.

When will You Go for Vertical Blinds instead of Horizontal Blinds?

The most basic thing is that you should not even glance at them when you don’t need vertical blinds because the need is before the desire. But, do you know when you will need vertical blinds? So, don’t worry, I am here to tell you everything you should know about vertical blinds.

You can cover larger doors and windows by using vertical blinds Tulsa with a stylish and modern touch. So you should use vertical blinds if you have these things to cover. Otherwise, it would be best if you stuck with those horizontal blinds:

  • Large French doors: These are larger doors. Ordinary doors are mostly 75 to 82 cm wide, but large French doors are around 120cm, 150cm, or 180cm. French doors complete with a pair of doors that is why they are relatively bigger.
  • Bay windows: Those windows that are projected on the main wall of any building or house. IN short, bay windows are on the front side of your house.
  • Wide Windows: These are simple windows but are kept larger by the homeowners according to their choice.
  • Patio Doors: Patio doors are pretty similar to large French doors, but the frame of patio doors is narrower than French doors. But still, they will need vertical blinds.
  • Large windows or doors in a Sunroom: These windows and doors are pretty ordinary, but they are kept in a style that allows Sunlight to enter that room.

If you have any of these doors or windows, then you must need vertical blinds. Otherwise, you should not buy vertical blinds, but there is no limitation if you love vertical blinds.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are hugely important for those who do not want Sunlight and eventually UV rays to enter their homes. So, let’s discuss some benefits of vertical blinds:


Blinds are made to block Sunlight and other things to enter the home through windows and doors. So, how are vertical blinds better in this case?

Are you irritated with the Sunlight in your eyes that enters your home through larger windows and doors? If so, use vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds will be used in case of larger doors and windows to block Sunlight, dust, and wind from entering the home.


Do you need vertical blinds, but you do not like them? If so, you can choose between many vertical blinds because vertical blinds are of many types like:

  • Fabric vertical blinds.
  • Vinyl vertical blinds.
  • Faux wood vertical blinds.

And not only types, but you can also get vertical blinds in many colors. Most people think they can only get vertical blinds in standard colors like white and black, but they are truly wrong.

The Ceiling will Look Higher

Vertical blinds will make your ceiling look higher than before. Suppose you use both horizontal and vertical blinds. In that case, you can easily spot that vertical blinds are making your home’s ceiling look higher.

According to expert interior designers, the room with a high ceiling is more elegant than the others. So, if you are fond of elegancy and richness, then you may go for vertical blinds.

Drawbacks of Vertical Blinds

After those benefits, let’s go through some disadvantages and drawbacks of vertical blinds Tulsa that you must know before buying.

Floor Contact

It can be easily seen that vertical blinds always touch the ground. We all know that floor is full of dust even when it is cleaned. So, vertical blinds get dirty in no time. You need to take so much care of them to protect them from dust.

Sometimes, we mistakenly drop any sticky stuff like chewing gum or juice on the floor. These kinds of things can hurt vertical blinds because they are always in contact with the floor.


Vertical blinds can be noisy because they are not completely attached to the windows or doors. They are just hanged with the respective door or window. So, due to any wind or even breeze that comes out of AC or fan, vertical blinds swing and produce sound. This sound can irritate you when you are doing some work that needs concentration. But in the end, it is your choice to compromise with noise or can’t afford any noise.

Verticle Blinds Tulsa

Now, you know that whether you should buy vertical blinds for your windows or not.

If you think that you need vertical blinds, you must keep in mind that they have some disadvantages. So, best of luck if you will buy vertical blinds for the windows at your home.

Please let us know whether you liked vertical blinds or want to stay with those horizontal blinds.

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