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Vescom Tulsa

At Vescom Tulsa, we place a high value on the products’ usability and aesthetic appeal. From wall coverings to upholstery to curtain fabrics we create and distribute. 

International contract markets, such as hotels, hospitals, retail, offices, and educational institutions, employ our products.


The 14 reasons to use Vescom’s Tulsa vinyl wall coverings in contact interiors are as follows:

  1. 1. A wide range of colors and structures for every space:

Vinyl wall coverings are available in a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns, allowing them to fit in with the rest of the room or create a dramatic statement. 

A wide range of applications or atmospheres can benefit from this versatility: add color, texture, and character to walls; play with shine or matte surfaces; create depth with lighter and darker play.

  1. 2. Strong and durable:

Using vinyl as a wall covering is both beautiful and long-lasting. Unlike paint and glass fiber, our vinyl wall covering seems to have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. This is a long-term investment in your home’s interior design that will pay dividends for years to come.

  1. 3. Flame retardant and colorfast to light:

Vinyl wall covering is subjected to internal and external testing in order to meet the high technical standards of the worldwide contract market. 

When it comes to contract use, we put our wall covering through a series of tests to see how well it can withstand heat and light exposure.

  1. 4. A healthy, conscious choice:

Vescom Tulsa adheres to an environmental management system that has been certified by the ISO 14001 standard. Our vinyl films are free of phthalates and printed with water-based inks. 

Aside from that, Vescom is a component of Vinyl Plus, a global effort led by the vinyl processing industry to promote environmentally friendly methods of manufacturing and utilizing vinyl.

  1. 5. Easy-to-clean and disinfectable:

As a result, our vinyl wall covering provides an excellent level of protection for interiors. Our vinyl wall covering can be washed and disinfected more completely than other conventional wall surfaces, which is especially significant in high-traffic, high-turnover areas.

  1. 6. Disinfectable with alcohol and active chlorine:

An even more stain-resistant product is Vescom Tulsa Protect, which can endure even the most aggressive cleaning and disinfection without sacrificing its attractiveness.

As a result of its extreme sturdiness, Vescom Protect is an excellent option for workplaces that are subject to routinely intense cleaning and disinfection procedures.

  1. 7. Simple to install:

Our vinyl wall covering may be readily installed by professionals with the necessary skills. Because it needs no drying rate and is odorless, rooms may be utilized immediately upon installation. 

  1. 8. Optically seamless:

You will rarely notice any seams after installation, thanks to our use of colored bases, which give seams their intrinsic color rather than an evident white edge.  

  1. 9. Easy to repair: 

We utilize colorful vinyl films as a basis because any damage to the wall covering that occurs during use would only disclose the colored film, rendering nicks and notches considerably more discrete, and therefore far easier to repair than other types of wall covering.

  1. 10. Available with customized prints:

Using our digital printing capabilities, you may produce a vinyl wall covering that is unique to your requirements. Whatever imagery design professionals bring to the table to accommodate their creative idea – realistic and abstract, of a sequence and material, and even text-based – our specialist designer will translate it into a print wallpaper of the pertinence.

  1. 11. Possibility for custom prints on a standard wall covering:

This option provides architects and designers with the benefit of being able to blend personalized printed portions with non-printed wall parts – all while using the same product in the process. Consider the following scenario: you’re in a hotel room. 

All of the surfaces might be covered with the same print wallpaper, but accented imagery could be imprinted on the region above the bed to give it a more personal touch. Furthermore, our innovative printing method ensures that the inks shine out now and remain vibrant for a long period.

  1. 12. Can come in customized colors:

We can work with you to make the ideal customized match if one of our collection. Moreover, if the color schemes does not meet your needs – perhaps you are looking for vinyl wall covering. Thus in a particular brand color, that one particular shade to enhance your spatial story.

You merely have a favorite tonality that is not currently available in our emerging range. Furthermore, our color specialists can work with you to create a fantastic customized match for your project.

  1. 13. Can double as a presentation surface:

Our wall covering may be used as a magnetic written surface as well as a projection screen. Thus, allowing it to provide even greater usefulness to a space. 

Vescom wall talkers are simple-to-install surfaces that can be used. Thus, to change any environment into an inspirational chamber with ease. 

They are perfect for use in workplaces, meeting or training facilities, marketing departments, and design studios because they are designed to withstand everyday usage without deteriorating.

  1. 14. Safe for use on ships:

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) sets strict regulations for items allowed on board. In order to be utilized safely on waterborne vessels, items must be IMO certified. Our vinyl wall covering meets the IMO flame-resistant regulations for ships, ferries, and offshore facilities.

15. Strong material synergy:

Our vinyl wall covering continues the excellent material synergy ingrained in the complete Vescom Tulsa product family: wall covering, curtains textiles, and upholstery fabrics for the international contract market. 

“Although each Vescom product has its distinct personality, they all have the same Genetic code. Furthermore, balancing aesthetics or functionality, they are all developed with regard for the intrinsic properties. Thus of their respective materials and methods.”

Using a combination of color, material, and structure, the result is both tactile and expressive. Design professionals can draw on Vescom’s Tulsa holistic world. Thus of materials, colors, and textures to create interior solutions with a single atmosphere and vibe.

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