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Wall Coverings in Tulsa Oklahoma –When we talk about home, we talk about walls that surround us. Wall designs and coverings play an important role in interior design. Walls are often overlooked or ignored when it comes to interior decoration. We drill them, hang a curtain on them, stuff them with chairs and other furniture or lean some low-quality art on them. 

Many times people run out of money after constructing their houses and walls become the victim of inflation. That is too bad.  But have you noticed that walls are the most obvious and most looked upon object in a house? That is why modern architecture has taken the decors of walls to a whole new level. There is a large variety of wall covering Tulsa in terms of their design and function. 

Some wall coverings are waterproof while others serve as a noise barrier.  Read on and I will show you the best wall covering Tulsa ideas according to your taste and need.

  • Paint

History reveals that man used the blood and fat of animals to paint the walls of the cave. This classic wall covering is a gift from cave-man and Modern science has made paint much better than that of a leaves-wrapped creature. Paint can go with the decors of every single room on earth, thanks to its plentiful colors. 

Paint offers an endless number of colors as well as many different finishes to suit your needs. You can choose from very sober and subtle to extremely bold and bright. You can choose paint matching the surface. Pain finishes range from flat, satin, to glass for uneven, porous, and smooth surfaces respectively. 

Glass finish makes your walls reflective of the indoor objects (you might be one of the objects being reflected in the wall). Paint is also the quickest way to decorate your walls. Just choose from the color and finish and you will have a new room within the next few hours. Don’t like your old paint? No problem. Just buy a bucket of paint and let’s paint the town red.

  • Wallpaper

If you are thinking about spending on your walls and enjoying the next 10 or 15 years without worrying about the wall covering, then wallpaper is your best option. You might rent out a house and the owner is an extremely stingy man who does not let you customize; you can go for removable wallpaper. Wallpapers are also available in numerous colors, designs, and finishes. They also offer a huge variety in terms of the stuff they are made of. Vinyl, foil, mylar, flock, and non-woven are the most commonly used types of wallpapers. 

Some are easy to maintain and wash while others tend to stay where they are, difficult to remove or clean. Which will you choose for your rugged walls to make them beautiful? Get wall covering Tulsa today.

  • Tile

Tile is a classic wall covering Tulsa which has never gone out of fashion. This wallcovering is durable and has the potential to bear the crushing pressure of years much more than any other choice for walls. They are easy to clean which makes them the best choice for the bathroom and kitchen. 

Tiles do not offer as much variety as paint or wallpaper does, in terms of color and design. But they are available in different materials and sizes and you can cut them in different sizes and shapes to meet your desired decors. Ceramic, glass, mosaic, and natural stone are the most common types of tiles used for decorating the walls. 

Ceramic tiles absorb less quantity of water and are for places with a lot of moisture. Still better water-resistant is a glass tile which is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. It’s super easy to clean Glass tiles as well. Tiles made from natural stone have a porous surface and are not good for damp places. Choose tiles for wall covering Tulsa wisely but make sure your pockets are full because the dollar is going to say goodbye.

  • Wood

Wood is less common but a great option for your walls. The man had been living in walls made of wood before he built a wall using any other material. Wooden walls are wonderful for obvious reasons. 

They serve as insulators, they are a good noise barrier, and they add a classic and cozy look to your interior. Different types of colors and designs of wooden planks are available for your walls. Organic wood does not offer as much variety of color and design as paint and wallpaper do. 

This natural and classic wall treatment also requires vigilance and care while cleaning it. You also have to bear in mind that Wood covering does not do well in damp places.

  • Mirror

Mirror decorated the wall of the beautiful snow queen. She used to stand in front of the mirror and ask, “Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” You can be the snow queen or a snow king perhaps, to ask the mirror this very question. 

A mirror can reflect the beautiful interior which adds to the beauty and creates the illusion of more space. A mirror covering can make your room look bigger and brighter than it is. The mirror is also super easy to clean.

I need not tell you that a mirror is a delicate wall covering Tulsa. A house with kids cannot afford a mirror for a wall. These little cute trouble-makers will break it.


You have examined the six types of different wall coverings. Which is best for you? Moredecors.com offers you professional help in making a wise decision. We also offer you the best wall coverings with the most competitive prices in Tulsa Oklahoma. Just contact us and let us know your requirements.


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