Wall Talker Installation Tulsa | 8 Benefits of using a Wall Talker


Wall talker installation Tulsa

As we know, that every new day brings innovations in each and every aspect of our surrounding and school offices and commercial areas where people have to express themselves is one of them. In these areas writing is an important factor and today these institutes have multiple benefits of turning their walls into dry erase coverings. This is due to the versatility of these walls as they enhance the productivity of the people who use them. As an example we can look down for the industries that benefitted from wall talker installation Tulsa.

  • 1. Educational institutes, who include pre- school to universities.
    2. Child day care and all the early educational programs.
    3. Corporate sector, from offfices to meeting rooms.
    4. Health care centers
    5. Retailer shops
    6. Governmental offices.
    7. Food services
  • Benefits of a wall talker

  • Most of the people think that this is cringe to let the children write all over the walls in the classroom. But most of the educationist didn’t.afterall they find this idea great in a way that it increases student learning plus it builts an interactive and dynamic environment in the classroom.
  • Shifting the focus

  •  As we know that in the traditional classrooms the orientation is done from the front of the classroom where teacher is stuck with his white board. But now this new innovations let the children write all over the walls making the class more interactive and instead of going on the board children can solve the math problem on wherever they want.

    Building confidence

  • Writing your thoughts on a board is in itself an explicit activity. Thus, providing such environment and opportunity where the children can write whatever their thought is, brings a great confidence in their personalities. Moreover, this also helps them in polishing their skills and know what is the most prominent personality skill is theirs.
  • Build community

  • Where this opportunity polishes the skills it also teaches the student to appreciate each others innovative ideas, effort and skills. This brings the students to build a strong community.
  • Collaborative learning

  • In a traditional classroom where there is only one board a lot of student, it becomes impossible to participate for every child. But this tool actually empower each and every student to showcase their abilities and work in a collaborative learning environment where everyone participates, shares and appreciate one an other.
  • Beautification

  • For teachers used to a traditional classroom a room full of blank walls, wall talkers may seem a bit cold at first. Get those walls talking with brightly colored markers, and feel free to decorate the borders with student doodles, quotes or other fun add-ons that encourage students to share a bit of their personality.
  • Wall talker installation

    As we have discussed above that now a days wall talker is an exceptional addition in any industry but here the question is how to install them correctly. For this purpose the first advice is that you should have to take some help from the professional as the installation by professionals would provide ou the desired and quality installation.
    However, there are some instructions of installation procedure that one must follow. We can consider it the first and the most important step in order to install it.

  • Initial steps to consider

    When you bought the product the first and utmost important thing is to examin all the package, the colour, shape , size and the quality. This is important to ensure that everything is the same as per the order or something has changed. After this the second most basic thing to do is to reverse roll the package. It is important in order to release the curl memory. So, reverse-roll it for about an hour prior to installation.

  • Preparation of substrate

    Wall talkers should be installed over any but prepared surface. Yes, this means you can install it anywhere you desire but the area should be prepared first. All the loose paint should be vanished, the surface must be smooth and dry. Moreover, all the nail heads, gouges and the other holes of that surface should be removed. In this scenario, you can fill the nail marks with dry wall compound and sanded smooth. Thus, you can remove stain mildew with a chlorine bleach solution.
    And can wash greasy walls with an amnia solution. However, when the wall of your room get a new plaster keep in mind that you should give it 60 to 90 days to be completely dry. And to check use a moisture reader. The moisture should exceed to 4%.

  • Application of wall talker installation Tulsa

    While installing one can use a plumbline and to use it there are two methods. As to apply it horizontally and vertically but mostly horizontall application is recommended. Although seams can be written over, it is suggested to keep them out of the primary writing and viewing areas.

  • 30-88” is recommended for 60” product.
    32-84” is recommended for 54”product.
    33-81” is recommended for 50” product.
    34-80” is recommended for 48” product.
  • While cutting the strips keep in mind the sidewalls. Ceilings and the baseboards, so cut them a little longer then required. Now apply uniform coat of heavy duty base adhesive or clay where each strip should be installed. overlap the edges at least 2”. One can also re-paste any dry areas or if there is a delay in hanging.
  • Use a flexible wall covering in a smoother way

  • It is important to remove the air and excessive paste pockets behind the walltakler in order to get a desirable surface. For this a smooth material on the wall from the middle to the outside edges can be used. But one should keep in mind that don’t push hard as it may cause indentations. After this you can trim material that is excessive through using the razor blade or something.
  • Clean Up

  • Be sure to remove all excess adhesive immediately using a natural sponge or soft cloth and a warm, mild soap solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with clean toweling. Change water frequently.
    If you have any questions about the material, stop working and notify your supplier. Do not tale any risk and harm yourself and the others surrounded you and use a roller in order to make the surface uniform after applying the required wall talker.

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