Wallpaper Installation Tulsa | Wallpaper vs. Murals, What’s the Difference?


Wallpaper installation Tulsa is a familiar thing for most of us while many of us do not know what a mural is. Some people do not know what a mural is or they think mural and wallpaper are two different names for the same thing.

This is not true.

Wallpaper installation Tulsa and murals are two completely different things.  They differ in terms of their design, production method, and usage, and application. We are going to explore those differences in this guide. If you are wondering which one of these two wall decors must beautify your wall, or you want to know the differences between wallpaper and mural before buying any one of these, this guide is for you.


The difference in Production Method and Manufacturing

Wallpapers are a traditional method of wall décor and they have patterns, colors, or textures printed on their surface. A wall moral is a more developed and advanced form of wall décor which takes its roots from wallpaper. It is a high-quality digital print of imagery or beautiful photography. This imagery or photography can be customized, enlarged, or scaled-down according to the requirements of an individual space.

Wallpapers exhibit a more rigidness in their design, color, or patterns. They cannot be customized like murals. One design or pattern of wallpaper will be available in different colors to match the design scheme. Many residential wallpaper designs are stock products and are produced in large quantities. Wallpapers are generally sold in the form of a double roll, or some suppliers also sell them as a single role. Murals are sold in the form of panels, a set of multiple panels which are different parts of a complete image or pattern. Digital printing gives the imagery high-quality details and depth which casts a spell on the eye of the beholder and draws him near.


Just as different wallpapers will be chosen for different settings, the same goes for choosing between wallpaper and mural. Look into your scheme and decide what will reflect the aesthetics you have in your mind, wallpaper or a mural. Space is an important element to consider for this purpose. If the space is small, wallpaper or mural with small imagery such as tiles will do great. A large mural in a small space will show the space congested.

It will be a terrible way to use your money, so get wallpaper installation Tulsa today.

Murals will look great in spaces where furniture is minimal and other household accessories are scarce. Big corridors and halls are ideal places for a mural. A mural is a piece of art in itself. You don’t want to stuff it in furniture and accessories. Too many articles along with a mural create a competition for sight and the place will look scattered and congested. This cannot be your goal with good money of yours.

Types of Murals

Murals are available for residential as well as commercial settings. They create much more impact on the beholder than any other traditional wall covering option. Fascinating imagery or pattern decorating the wall of an office, hotel reception, or lobby will instantly inspire awe in anyone entering the space. Thanks to their digital printing, they create more depth, visual engagement, and more splendors to walls than other traditional wall covering options. Other wall covering options can go as a compliment with a mural to create a perfect and everlasting scheme on your wall.

Wallpapers can be used in the entire space, covering all the walls of your home or office. You can play with smaller details in a particular place when you choose wallpaper. You can match the wallpaper with the accessories and furniture and it will be part of your grand scheme of décor. This is not the case with a Mural, get wallpaper installation Tulsa today.

Murals cannot be used in the entire space. Nobody does that. Lunatic, lover, and a king can be exceptions. This exquisite wall covering suits best on a featured wall rather than covering the entire space which will make it overwhelming. Instead, opt for wallpaper.


There is a great difference between the design of wallpaper and a mural because of their different production methods. Choose both with the same design and pattern and paste them on the wall side by side and they will appear to be worlds apart despite their same design.

The wallpaper will have a more symmetrical look while the mural will represent a more diverse and unique appearance. Wallpapers are printed with repeated patterns to create harmony for the wall while the mural is a digital print with less repetition and a more detailed and high-quality look. Wallpaper has repetition to give space a more uniform look while a mural intends to give a unique look with less repetitive patterns. A mural also comes with the option of customization which is not available for wallpapers. Wallpaper can add depth and dimension to space but a mural goes a step beyond that. It can create an illusion of reality with its highly elaborated details and trick the perception of the eye.

Wallpaper Installation Tulsa

Both wallpaper and mural are fantastic pickups to give your interior the color, depth, and texture you are looking for. The choice will depend on the interior scheme you want to create. Choose one or rather choose both of them to create a ravishing interior with a wise scheme.

If you need professional help in choosing murals or wallpapers or you have made up your mind and want to buy one of these wall covers, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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