Wallpaper Removal in Tulsa | 6 Best Methods of Removal


Wallpaper Removal in Tulsa

We use different wallpapers in our living room, bedrooms, offices, and commercial places. Wallpapers have become a part of our life for different purposes like enhancing the aesthetic look and advertising a company. We use wallpapers, remove the older ones, and install the new ones depending on the need or requirement.  If you are looking for wallpaper removal in Tulsa, you need a proactive approach. When you consider the consequences of removing wallpapers from the wall, you will get to know about the safety of the wall. While going through wallpaper removal in Tulsa, all you need to keep in mind is to avoid scratches. 

Best ways for wallpaper removal without leaving scratches 

When you want to get rid of older and worn-out wallpaper in your room, you need to remove it. For wallpaper removal in Tulsa, you should look for ways by which you can avoid scratches on the walls. Following are the best ways for wallpaper removal in Tulsa without leaving scratches on the walls.


Before adopting any kind of wallpaper removal way, you should prepare the ground for this purpose. So, do the following steps before adopting any way for wallpaper removal. 

  • Dust the wallpaper

First of all, do dusting wallpaper to avoid any inconvenience. Wallpaper may have dust particles that can cause allergy problems, either affecting your respiratory system or skin. So, be conscious of this point and do dusting with wet clothes so dust cannot fly over.

  • Disconnect the electric wires and boards 

We have electric wires and boards installed on the wall of our rooms. It can be dangerous for you to remove wallpaper from the walls, and the current is flowing through the wires. To avoid electrical hazards, you should completely disconnect the current flow in the wires and the boards. It will help you avoid any damage either to you, someone else, or your property. 

If you do not disconnect the wires and electricity boards and continue working with water for soaking purposes, you can get an electric shock.  So, it is better to take precautions before starting wallpaper removal in Tulsa.

  • Cover the floor and woodwork 

Before dusting or any other step, you should cover the floor, carpet, or the woodwork of your room. For covering the floor and woodwork, you can use polythene sheets or any cloth sheet. It will help you to get permanent stains.

  • Determine the wallpaper type

We use different kinds of wallpapers made of different materials and using different kinds of adhesives. Some are peel-able or scrappable, but some needs special treatment for removal. So, before starting wallpaper removal in Tulsa, you should identify which type of adhesive your wallpaper has.

 Best ways for wallpaper removal 

After determining the type of wallpaper and adhesive used for its installation, you can do wallpaper removal in Tulsa without scratches. Do use the following ways for this purpose. 

1- Scrap the strippable wallpaper with a putty knife 

For installing some wallpaper, we use simple glues that we can remove easily. Strippable wallpapers have a sticky back with a simple kind of glue. So by using the putty knife or scraper, you can make a way and then keep removing the strips of wallpaper without using anything else. 

Keep holding the knife and using it tactfully to make the way and remove the strips. While using the scraper or knife for Wallpaper removal in Tulsa, you should consider the safety of the wall. The wall should not get scratched during this process.

2- Use hot water to lose the glue bonding of wallpaper. 

Like polythene and fabric wallpapers, some wallpaper does not have a sticky back. We use adhesives for installing such wallpapers. With time, adhesive makes strong bonding with the walls, and it becomes difficult to remove them. To remove such type of wallpaper, you can use hot water. Fill hot water in a bucket, take a cloth piece, soak it in water and then rub it over the wallpaper. Please note that the water temperature is bearable for your hand.

Keep soaking the wallpaper with hot water by choosing specific locations on the wallpaper and keep removing it with your hands.

3- Peel off the peeling wallpaper 

Some wallpapers have a sticky back that is easy to install and remove. So, you do not need to adopt some special way for this wallpaper. You can easily peel it off just by making way from the corner of the wallpaper.

4- Use steam to remove wallpaper 

Another way of wallpaper removal in Tulsa is to use steam. When you find that using water is quite difficult and can burn your hands, you can use the steamer. Take a steamer and use it as you spray something on the wallpaper. The steam’s moist steam will encourage the wallpaper to leave the wall. So, now you can easily peel off that part of wallpaper from the wall. It might be difficult to use the steamer for new users but manage to learn it and enjoy this procedure.  

5- Use a solution of water and stripper for stubborn adhesive

Trippers are some kinds of chemicals that you can use by making their solution in water. Pour this stripper solution into a spray bottle for use. Now, start spraying this solution on little areas of the wallpaper and peel them off. Don’t forget to wear a mask or cover your face with a cloth while using this solution. This solution contains chemicals that might change into fumes, and they move to your respiratory track through breathing. 

6- Now, clean the wall after the removal of the wallpaper

After removing the older wallpaper from the wall, clean it so that you can install brand new wallpaper or paint it. 


Do not use cloth washing detergents for wallpaper removal 

You need to know about restrictions on using the detergents you use to wash the clothes. It does the opposite instead of removing the wallpaper glue. 

Wallpaper Removal in Tulsa

When looking for wallpaper removal in Tulsa without scratches, you should follow the best ways like scrapping, soaking with hot water, and using a steamer and stripper solution. 

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