Window Shades Broken Arrow | 5 Ways to Prevent Damage


Window Shades in Broken Arrow

Window shades Broken Arrow are an ideal way to protect your home and the people around you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Meanwhile, if we talk more about the advantages of window shades, then we can conclude that they can add more style to your house.

Window shades might look stylish and modern in any area, but they are easily prone to damage if you do not take good care of them, especially if you have children around the house.

Selecting specific pieces of window shades from us at the window shades broken arrow, you can get a good experience of high-quality shades with exclusive color combinations.

Meanwhile, by the end of this article, you will be able to know what causes damage to window shades and how you can prevent them from happening.

Factors that cause window shades to be damaged and how to prevent them

A handful of issues can cause the window shades to be damaged even if they are bought from our company. Window shades broken arrow.

However, to be more precise, some of the basic factors considered to be a damaging cause to the window shades are mentioned below, along with how you can fix them.

Hence, keep reading for further insights.

  • Damaged coil 

Among the different types of window shades, one type is categorized as roller shades. These window shades have believed to work quite smoothly without any setbacks. The reason behind this smooth conduction is because of the durable coil named spring coil inserted inside it.

The main function of the spring coil is similar to the roller function. However, you might suspect the function will be reduced after some time since the spring coil tends to damage quite soon over time. However, you do not have to worry at this point since it can be fixed.

This might happen due to the fact of loose ends of the roller. You can fix this by setting the screws together, or sometimes the problem occurs due to too tight a coil.

However, if, by chance, you do not understand how to fix it, call us at window shades broken arrow since we provide the best services of all kinds.

  • When shades gather to one side 

The other damaging factor to the roller or window shades is the telescoping window shades. This means that the shade tends to gather at one end, making it difficult for the window shade to be kept at a particular leveling height.

However, you do not have to remove the window shade to fix it, which makes it an easier job to get fixed. Such a problem is often seen in the window shades that are under the roller shade category.

The first thing you will need to fix this problem is to have your toolbox by your side. Assess whether the window shades are at a similar level or not. If you notice that any side is not equal, then you will have to use a screwdriver to fix the issue.

After doing this, recheck the setup and take the help of the level tool. However, if you want the work done with more professional skills, you can always count on our company, Window shades broken arrow.

  • Stuck vertical blind shades 

Vertical blinds or window shades are a go-to option for so many reasons. These shades give you a choice where you can control the amount of light entering a certain given area and place.

These blinds are also easy while controlling the amount of privacy you need. However, with many advantages of these window blinds, the problem is that they can get stuck.

For many reasons, they can get stuck; the constant tugging causes some children. Thus around or by the one end of the slats to get caught up with the other. Fixing such issues does not need technical support.

Instead, you can easily detangle the slats and align them properly. And do not allow your children to play with them.

  • Poor ratchet and functioning pawl system

Some roller-type window shades do not stay down, no matter how hard you try. You might buy them from our company Window shades Broken Arrow. Which is undoubted of good quality; however, you can still face such issues.

The only and best option is to clean the window shades to fix such a problem properly. You must pull the whole shade down, deep cleaning the window shades. This will allow you to look properly at the dirt and build-up debris and reduce the chances of error.

The best way to clean the window shades is to use a vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth to remove the dirt and dust. To the prevention of the shades from getting stuck again, it is ideal to use a silicon-based spray.

The silicon spray is ideal for preventing the slats from sticking together. Once you are done with the proper steps, try not to keep the window blinds together for a longer time. This can get them dirty, and they might not hold off the dirt long enough.

  • Dislodging the blinds 

As good as the vertical window shades appear, they are also considered to be the ones that get easily broken. It can happen due to a light tug at the blind; however, it is very easy to retract it.

The vertical window shades are easy to fix since you can make a new hole in them if the previous one tends to be broken and it is not staying in one place. You can use a hole punching machine that is quite easily available to make a hole.

If by any chance you are not certain how to do it. Thus, the best decision is to call out for the professional workers that can do the job for you.


Window shades broken arrow provides their customers with fine finishing window shades. With a product line with quite a depth and variations. We also offer tips and tricks that help to prevent the damage caused to the window shades.

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