Window Shades | 6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying


With so many shades and blinds in the market, making the right choice can be a tricky experience when you are not familiar with window treatment solutions. If you are currently in that situation, then this article is meant for you. 

Whether you are after style, privacy, or both, seeking the appropriate window treatments can be daunting. Should you patronize the home center near you, a dedicated blind store, or is it better to shop online? How much formality do you need to condone when buying shades?

These are some of the countless questions that will be running through your mind. Windows remains a focal point within any room; as such, shades ought to be both functional and decorative. Here is some valuable information you are meant to have when you are buying your shades. 

Light & Privacy

Over seventy percent of why you are buying any window shades will hinge on this factor. It would be best if you established whether your room should be airy, bright, or cozier and bottomed up. Blinds tilt to allow sunlight into a particular space or prevent it from entering. When they are not open, you don’t get any light in the room. Unlike blinds, you can find shades in fabric options with light-filtering or room darkening abilities. That automatically offers you more control over the room’s brightness. 

But, unless you don’t want your unruly neighbors to know what you’re doing in your house, you have to pull down your shades always if they are not the sheer type. 

Your budget

Even as this looks like a no-brainer as this point is, it will amaze you to realize that most people forget this when they buy window shades; they get carried away with the promising features of the shades without really considering their budget. You need to doubly sure if you are only dealing with one window or outfitting the entire house? You may also choose to splash some money on some windows while you save money on others. 

Window treatments are largely dependent on size. Therefore, have it at the back of your mind that a large window will cost you more in terms of shades. If you are going for customized solutions, be ready to spend more as well. Whether it has to do with customized features, patterns, or special fabrics, customized outfits require more money. These are some relevant information you ought to have in mind regarding how much you will spend.  


Some buyers often overlooked this, and that has led to regrettable situations that could have been avoided altogether. It is not enough to consider functionality and style when choosing window shades. It is necessary that you equally confirm if what you are buying will be safe for that space. I’m particular about kids here. Not all window shades are safe when you have kids around. Several kids have been involved in accidental strangulation due to the kind of window shades they were having. That is why interior décor experts always recommend cordless window shades for such families. Motorized roller shades are good enough.


Is it something you can clean by yourself? Or would you need a professional to clean it? This has to determine what you are going for. If you are going with blinds, you wouldn’t need a professional to clean them. But, while blinds are stress-free when it comes to cleaning, they seem to attract a lot of dust on their own. If you are okay with that, then go for blinds. 

Window shades in weaves and textured fabrics tend to hide dirt more. But, when it is time to have them cleaned, that is when you get to pay the price. Light-vacuuming and spot cleaning would do you a world of good. However, if you have any heavy stains on them, inviting a professional would be the wisest thing to do. 

Your style of decoration

Would you prefer a casual or formal window treatment? If you are asked to choose between chic and comfortable, which one would you go for? Go for some fun or drama with bold colors. Subtle hues make great sense for rooms decorated in earthy, neutral colors. Are you more comfortable with cordless styles, or you like your shades to be more corded? 

You might be tempted to think that these are unnecessary things you shouldn’t worry yourself about. But that is where you are wrong! Get these style requirements sorted out before you go with any window treatment. That is the only way you can ensure maximum satisfaction. 

Types of shades

Window shades come in a variety of materials. The different materials are suited for various purposes. So, you might want to have some information on the different materials and know what they are used for. From woven woods, tight weaves, honeycomb, roman shades, and solar to blackout, there are various options for you to work with. Let’s run through some of them in this section;

For instance, woven woods offers natural-looking, full coverage. It seems to be more ideal for breakfast nooks and garden rooms. Tight weaves give you everything when it comes to privacy. Their opaqueness makes them superb in bathrooms and bedrooms. You want to use roman shades for dining rooms, family rooms, or living rooms. Blackout can prevent 100% light from accessing a room. They are more suited for media rooms, home theatres, and bedrooms. They are more expensive than traditional styles.


There are so many things you may want to consider before you buy your window shades. Thankfully, most of the factors have been discussed here. But, if you still cannot comprehend it, you can get a professional to help you with the assessment. The bottom line is that you do what is necessary to get yourself a window treatment that will meet your needs. And don’t forget the budget part – it’s quite important!

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